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The Recycling Education Center

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We offer tours of our Material Recovery Facility and Education Center in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Both children and adult groups are encouraged!

Address: 472 2nd Ave. (on the 29th St. Pier), Brooklyn, NY 11232

A Waste-less Adventure

Group Tours


Younger visitors will watch videos and take an interactive quiz in the media center, will play with magnets, scales, air compressors, and conveyors in the activity center, and will go to an overlook where they will see the machines and people that sort NYC's recyclables.

Target age group: 2nd to 8th graders

Typical tour length: 2 hours (including time for lunch)

Ideal group size for children: Less than 30

Cost: Free!


Adult groups will get a behind the scenes look at how recycling works in NYC. Ever wonder where your recyclables go? Come see it for yourself.

Typical tour length: 1.5 hours

Ideal group size for adults: 15 to 35 people

Cost: Free!

Please click link below to schedule your tour today!