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Each year, Sims recycles millions of tons of material.  By substituting scrap commodities for trees, metal ores, minerals, oil and other virgin materials, recycling reduces the pressure to expand mining operations, saves trees and other natural resources and reduces energy consumption and pollution.

SMR is dedicated to the enhancement of business, society and the environment through recycling innovation and education.



In 2002, NYC was forced to cut back its curbside recycling program in the face of dramatically increasing processing contract costs.  Sims Municipal Recycling proposed to take the City’s recyclables at about ½ the cost of other private processors, beginning a collaborative relationship that was instrumental in reinstating the program.  In 2009, SMR entered into a long term contract with the City, ensuring program stability and growth for decades to come.

Sims Municipal Recycling continues to grow its curbside business. In 2010, SMR won a portion of Chicago’s Single Stream Recycling collection and processing contract.



With its extensive network of barge, rail and truck-served facilities throughout the greater metropolitan and Tri-State area, SMR offers efficient and cost-effective transportation options for haulers and municipalities.

Ongoing investments in state-of-the-art processing technology ensure high recovery rates, quality and value for sorted commodities, allowing us to offer competitive pricing and public sector generators of post-consumer recyclables.